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Solar Pumping System

Solar-powered water pumps are an effective alternative to conventional gas or electric pumps. Modern pumps are powered by solar energy effectively in the world, including India, where they are often used for irrigation and drinking water. The main advantage of solar pumps is that they work for free. A solar array connected to the pumping mechanism gains all the required power from simple sunshine. This also means that the system operates independently. There is no need for complicated wiring for the electricity and outside fuel is not needed.

Areas of Application

Solar Pumping Solution for Flood Irrigation, Drip

Irrigation, Livestock Farming, Household / community drinking water

Synergy Electric offers a wide range of solar pumping solution. Its range includes -
  • ° Surface Mounted Centrifugal Pumps
  • ° DC Centrifugal pumps
  • ° DC Helical Rotor Pump
  • ° AC Submersible Pumps

Design Parameter
  • ° • Location of the installation
  • ° • Daily water requirement / Seasonal variation in daily requirement, if any
  • ° • Total Vertical Lift of water ( including the height of the tank, if any)
  • ° • Horizontal distance of Tank from the water source
  • ° • Size and depth of bore well, if available
  • ° • Depth of water in bore well
  • ° • Recuperation rate of the bore well

Design Parameter

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