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Various tests of Solar Products during manufacturing

Raw Materials

  • ° Cell Test to ensure high quality module production we conduct following test on each cell.
  • ° Visual check on every cell for physical defects like fine cracks, colour of the cells or broken cells.
  • ° Electrical parameters measurements like voltage, current and max. power of each cell. Cells not confirming to desire specification is rejected.
  • ° Cables of junction box is checked thoroughly for proper connectivity Frequency
  • ° Gel content test of EVA: It is used to check the gel content in EVA which is responsible for the encapsulation of EVA with module which in return confirms the longevity of the EVA.
  • ° Wet leakage test of module: This is to evaluate the insulation of the module under wet operating conditions and verify that moisture from rain, fog, dew or melted snow does not enter the active parts of the module circuitry, where it might cause corrosion, a ground fault or a safety hazard.
  • ° Aluminium Test ( Frequency – 1 Meter sample from each lot): Incoming aluminum channels used to make PV mo

During the Process

  • ° Layup Checking : The cells, after being strung are checked for uniformity of gaps between cells and between cell edges and glass edges. Connection is scrutinized carefully for open circuits and the same rectified in case they are there. During layup visual inspection is carried out to ensure that there has been no cell breakages during the previous operations of tabbing and stringing.
  • ° Dark Current Test: It is done to check polarity and connection as per design.
  • ° Lamination Checking : After every lamination the laminate is allowed to cool and then is inspected to check that there is no trace of external bulging or any bubble formation inside the laminate on account inferior or expired EVA. Such laminates are rejected.
  • ° Electrical Performance Test for Finished Material: All ready modules are cooled to 25 degree centigrade and then tested for desired electrical parameters like I-short ckt., V-open ckt., P-max etc.
  • ° Sample Size: Finally all modules are thoroughly cleaned and checked for any physical defects which might have cropped up during the process and might have been overlooked at an earlier stage.
  • ° High Voltage Test: The purpose of this test is to determine whether or not the module is sufficiently well-insulated between current-carrying parts and the frame or the outside world. The test shall be made on modules at ambient temperature of the surrounding atmosphere and in a relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

Daily Routine Tests & Calibration

  • ° EVA Adhesive Test: Evaluating EVA/ glass adhesion is a good test to determine if the encapsulant material has been overexposed to moisture during storage or shipping as well as its fitness for use. A 180 degree peel test can be utilized to measure encapsulant adhesive strength to glass. This simple test involves laminating EVA coupled to a backsheet such as TPE or TPT to glass. The backsheet serves as a pulling substrate during the test.
  • ° Peel Test: It is done to measure soldering strength between cell and tinned copper.
  • ° Sun-Simulator Calibration Frequency - Once in shift – We check and calibrate the sun-simulator for proper output.

Various tests of during manufacturing

During entire manufacturing process each & every product undergoes to rigorous tests for load, vibration, noise and temperature scanning prior to shipment.
In our Manufacturing Unit we are having several testing facilities like :-

  • ° Functional Testing Rigs
  • ° Load banks
  • ° A/C, D/C Trolleys
  • ° Vibration testing equipments
  • ° Sound Level Testers
  • ° Air Flow Meter
  • ° Temperature Scanner
  • ° Hardness Testing Machine
  • ° Salt Spray Testing
  • ° Wiring Harness test Jigs
  • ° Chemical Lab for pretreatment
  • ° Leak Testing equipment
  • ° Electrical Testing instruments
  • ° Dimensional Measuring Instruments

These ensures a zero-defect product which is ready for trouble-free performance under most demanding working conditions year-after-year.

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